Artist Series -Drop #49 Backlit Gameboy Advance USB-C BUNDLE! (Jackie's Gaming Art)

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-Clear purple UV printed housing with exclusive Gengar/Haunter/Gastly inspired fan artwork by Jackie's Gaming Art

-Brand new custom metallic purple D pad & A/B from LabFifteen -- solid black bumpers, triggers & start/select buttons

-IPS V3 Laminated backlit LCD kit with OSD touch sensor brightness control & pixel mode options

-Brand new scratch resistant laminated dust free black/holographic glass lens

-Funny Playing USB-C rechargeable battery pack with theme matching battery cover & machine molded USB-C opening

-Theme matching braided purple 3ft USB-C cable

-Clear TPU protective case

-Custom mirror purple acrylic display stand with a laser etched artist series logo

Artist Instagram: @jackies_gaming_art

Game cartridge not included