Lab Fifteen Co Game Boy Color/Pocket/Light 3.3v USB Cable

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Description from Lab Fifteen Co

"It bugs me when people use standard 5v USB lead to power there consoles. Yes they work but its not great for the console in my opinion its designed to work off 3 volts.

So I went in search for these.... I couldn't find them off the shelf so I've had them made for me.

The cable drops the 5V USB voltage down to roughly 3.2v this is very close to the supply of 2 AA batteries (1.6v each = 3.2v)

The lead has a Male USB 2.0 plug one end and a 2.5mm straight DC barrel jack the other.

They are 1m/1000mm long or 39.5" to the imperial folks approx

This cable is the same for Game Boy Color, Game Boy Pocket and Game Boy Light consoles"